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Substrate Heaters

MeiVac heaters are configured vfor two general types of applications, Samples and Wafers.

Sample blocks
may be drilled and tapped for sample holding clips. Note this is per customer specification at an additional charge.

Sample Blocks are made of Haynes Metal and MUST be pre baked at atmosphere by the customer at or exceeding the desired operating temperature prior to use.
Substrate Heaters
"Sample" Heater Block
 Haynes metal heater blocks are compatable with the Silver Thermal Paste, which is sold as an accessory by Meivac.

Wafer Blocks are Inconel metal and are wafer size specific. Wafer pockets are machined into the surface of the heater blocks

Inconel is NOT compatible with Silver Thermal Paste.

See manual or Web Site for proper preparation and care of heater blocks.

Part Number SU-200-HH SU-200-IH SU-300-HH SU-400-IH SU-600-IH
Stage Type Sample Wafer Sample Wafer Wafer
Size ( Inches) 2 2 3 4 6
Dimensions (inches) Refer to sketches below table
A 2.50 3.00 3.50 5.00 6.75
B 3.33 3.48 3.83 5.60 7.38
C 2.37 2.37      
D 2.12 2.62      
E 1.38 1.38      
Max. Temperature 950C 950C 950C 950C 950C
Temp. Uniformity +/-1% +/-1% +/-1% +/-2% +/-2%
Area of Uniformity center 1.25" dia 2" dia. center 2.25" dia 4" dia. 6" dia.
Temp. Repeatability 12C 12C 12C 13C 13C
Ramp time to 950C 12 min 12 min 13 min 22 min 30 min
Cool-down time 35 min 35 min 40 min 3 hrs 4 hrs
Max. Current 10 A 10 A 9 A 14 A 14 A
Max. Voltage 45 V 45 V 85 V 85 V 135 V
Heater resistance 5 ohms 5 ohms 10 ohms 6 ohms 10 ohms
Heater material Haynes Inconel Haynes Inconel Inconel

SU-400-IH "Wafer"
Heater Block

Optional Accessories

Deluxe mounting stands, adjustable bracket with X, Y & Z movement mounted on 2.75", 4.5" & 6" rotatable CF flanges.

Mounting Stands with power and thermocouple feedthroughs
18"Hook-up kit, which includes:
One thermocouple with 18" lead wire
Two 0.050" OFHC Copper Power Leads 18" long
Ceramic tubes and beads for insulation and protection from plasma


UHV Compatible
02 Compatible
Electrical bias capability
Unprecedented temperature uniformity


Laser ablation
Ion beam deposition
ECR, MOCVD, and others