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Scotech receives supplier recognition award from NMI (National Microelectronic Institute)

The NMI are the UK & Ireland Industry Body for the Semiconductor Industry and comprise locally based multinationals, such as National Semiconductor, NXP Semiconductor, RFMD, Oclaro, Intel Ireland, HP, Analog Devices, etc. NMI had polled Snr. Management in Purchasing and Engineering for their member companies on feedback from a list of 80 suppliers in regard to:
Customer responsiveness
Quality of Product
Criticality of Product to Business Continuous Improvement

Scotech was in the top 10 Companies.

Scotech launch dedicated Coating Materials Website

Scotech is pleased to announce the launch of its new website www.sputteringtargets.co.uk dedicated to coating materials used in Sputtering, Evaporation and Ion Beam Deposition. Together, Steve Fraser and Dave Broughton each have over 25 years of Vacuum Deposition experience in a wide range of technologies and applications. This puts Scotech in a unique position to offer customer advice on many aspects of material deposition, often based on personal experience. Please visit our website and complete the inquiry section for any material requirements you may have. A selection of our services appears below.