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Molecular Vapour Deposition

MVD is a unique method for the vapor deposition of functionalized organic molecules that are used for modifying surfaces properties. MVD thin films can serve as hydrophobic, hydrophilic, biocompatible, protective, or reactive coatings.

In MEMS applications, MVD molecular films are typically self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) with very low work of adhesion and are used as anti-stiction coatings. In Nanoimprint Lithography applications, MVD films are used as very thin and conformal release layers between the stamp and polymer materials. In Inkjet applications, MVD films are used to prevent ink accumulation on the nozzle face plate to ensure unrestricted ink flow. In Bio-MEMS, hydrophilic and biocompatible MVD films can be used to improve wetting or to prevent protein adsorption. In Biotechnology applications, MVD films are used to create surface anchors for subsequent coatings.

The MVD process takes place in vacuum and when combined with Applied MicroStructures' unique surface preparation and adhesion enhancement techniques, the extent of surface coverage and coating conformalilty can both approach 100%.

MVD100E System

The MVD100E system provides semi-automated deposition of organic and composite surface coatings. This system can reduce coating costs by an order of magnitude when compared with traditional techniques.


  • Low temperature process
  • Low defect density
  • Precise vapor delivery
  • In-situ surface preparation
  • In-situ adhesion layers
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Safe operation
  • User-friendly interface

MVD150 System

The MVD150 system provides manufacturing capacity and complete automation.


  • Volume production
  • Advanced precurser management
  • Integrated plasma surface treatment
  • Automated processing sequence
  • Factory Automation SECS/GEM
  • Robotic Interface

For additional information, contact us at sales@appliedmst.com or (408) 907-2885.

Self Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) and Other Coatings

I. Hydrophobic Films
  • Fluorinated Coatings with or without Adhesion Layers
  • Non-Fluorinated (Hydrocarbon) Coatings with or without Adhesion Layers
II. Hydrophilic Films
  • Low temperature CVD-like or ALD-like oxides and Reactive Coupling Agents can be coated via MVD®
III. Bio-compatible or reactive coatings
  • mPEG, methacryloxy, mercapto, epoxy
IV. Compatible Substrates
  • Semiconductors, metals, glass, plastic.
  • Maximum substrate size is 200mm diameter and/or 9 inches square.
V. Pricing, Terms and Conditions
  • Materials are Processed on a Best Efforts basis. AMST makes no expressed or implied warranties related to the functionality of coated devices and/or films except where mutually agreed in writing at time of original Purchase Order.
  • Typical Lead-Time is 3-4 Weeks ARO and receipt of substrates.
  • AMST Terms and Conditions of Sales apply with all Shipping Terms FOB AMST.
  • Complete the Online Process Request form and a member or our team will contact you to discuss your application.