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Ion Beam SystemsIon Beam Systems

The Scotech Ion Beam Etch system is a low cost, bench top system that utilizes a Veeco 5cm DC Ion Source and integrated Power Supply. The stainless steel vacuum chamber is turbo pumped and has an ultimate pressure of 10-8 Torr.

The Ion Source is isolated from the vacuum chamber by a MKS pendulum valve with closed
Ion Beam Systemsloop control. Pressure and gas flow are
monitored by Pirani and Penning gauging and
Ar is provided for the ion source via a Mass
Flow Controller.

The ion source power supply and all control instrumentation are housed in the adjacent 19” rack.

Scotech’s own water-cooled, rotating
and tilting stage is a unique feature. It combines mechanical clamping for small wafer pieces and a sliver loaded elastomer pad for clampless fixture of a full substrate.

The system is easily configured to customer specific specification. Contact us for further information.

Ion Beam Systems   Ion Beam Systems

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