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Quartz Monitor Crystals

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Technical Data Sheet

6MHz Alloy Crystals

6MHz Gold Crystals

Scotech's quartz crystals are designed to exactly replace original equipment manufacturers' crystals to insure trouble-free operation. In spite of this, Scotech will often tighten the OEM's specification to enhance crystal performance. The following specifications are used in evaluating a crystal:

Physical Characteristics Scotech 'Alloy' QI8008 Scotech 'Gold' QI8010 Inficon 'Gold'
Sensor material Single crystal alpha quartz Single crystal alpha quartz Same
Angle of cut 1 35 degrees 15' (AT) 35 degrees 15' (AT) Same
Contour 3 diopter Plano-Convex 3 diopter Plano-Convex Same
Surface Roughness 7 micron 7 micron Same
Diameter 0.550" (13.97 mm) 0.550" (13.97 mm) Same
Electrode Silver aluminum alloy/chromium Gold Gold

Electrical Characteristics Scotech 'Alloy' QI8008 Scotech 'Gold' QI8010 Inficon 'Gold'
Resonant frequency (MHz) 5.980-5.995 5.980-5.995 5.975-5.995
Resistance at Resonance <15 Ohms <15 Ohms 10-20 Ohms
Contact Resistance <15 Ohms <15 Ohms 10-30 Ohms

Scotech believes that high-level inspections are required to maintain the high quality crystal production demanded by our end users.  In addition to the electrical and physical parameters listed above Scotech measures motional capacitance and inductance, spurious resonance separation, and static capacitance to help track subtle changes in incoming quartz quality and in the production process.

1.  The true angle of cut varies as a function of the contour. The true angle for this configuration crystal is actually 35 degrees 16 minutes

2.  The electrical characteristics for Leybold crystals were taken from a 100-piece sample size and may vary in larger lot sizes. Scotech values are actual quality assurance specifications. A detailed histogram of Scotech lot measurements is available on request.