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E Beam Evaporation Components

Temescal is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the field of Physical Vapour Deposition. Founded in 1952, they pioneered the 270° Electron Beam Gun and filed the first patents on the Planar Magnetron Sputtering Source.

Today, Temescal manufactures a wide range of Electron Beam Guns, Power Supplies, Systems and Accessories.

Comprehensive Range of E-Guns, Power Supplies, Sweep Controllers, Systems and Accessories

Electron Beam Guns

Electron Beam Guns

The 'Industry Standard' for many years, BOC Edwards' Temescal 270° E-Gun is offered in Fixed Pocket, Rotary Pocket and Rod Fed versions. Additionally, a Gemini® dual heath and Trigon® three hearth E-Gun for co-evaporation of two or three materials is available. UHV Versions of the Fixed Pocket gun are also manufactured in sizes up to 200cc crucible volume.
Electron Beam Gun Power Supplies

Electron Beam Gun Power Supplies

The Temescal range includes three different versions of HV Power Supply - a 6KW Solid State & 12KW Solid StateUnit, which can power up to 2 E-Guns and a 15KW Tetrode Unit that can power up to 3 E-Guns.

The 6KW & 12KW Units are available as a 'Black Box' for interface to OEM's control units and can have integrated glow discharge. All three Power Supplies can be easily retrofitted to systems using the previous generation CV8/CV14 Units.

Electron Beam Gun Accessories

Temescal manufacture a range of accessories including a Turret Source Indexer, a comprehensive range of Crucible Liners and Feedthroughs.

System Accessories

A range of system accessories including heater assemblies and viewports are available for integration.

Domes and Planets

Temescal offer various Domes and Planets for use with all Temescal Desposition Systems including Lift-off, conformal coverage, variable angle and flip tolling.

Deposition Controllers

Temescal offer a variety of Desposition Controllers for closed loop control over one or more single or multipocket e-beam guns. Temescal Desposition Controllers are available in a number of configurations to suit specific applications.



The latest Temescal sweep controller is retrofittable for obsolete XYS 8's on the old CV Range of power supplies. The new SuperSweep64 provides pre-programmed and user programmable options with the ability to store 64 different programs. It is RS232 & RS485 compatible and includes a windows based software package and hand held controller. A demo unit is available from Scotech.